Friday, January 25, 2013

Christmas 2012

A decision has been made: I really don't want to go private. It's too hard to keep up and I know that there are quite a few people that read this blog that didn't tell me their address. I thought about just not writing anymore, but I enjoy writing posts and documenting how my family grows and changes. It helps me document the little moments and I use the posts to create yearly family photo albums. So, instead of going private I am going to change a few things to allow for more privacy for my family. Many old posts will disappear and a few other things will change, but other than that the blog will remain the same. :) Now, on to the Christmas post!

Oh, Christmas! We had such a great time this year. This was the first year we didn't have to drive anywhere! Let me add a few more exclamations to that!!!!!!!! My family come up for Christmas Eve and stayed for Christmas morning and some of Ed's family came up that afternoon. We had a yummy Christmas Even dinner and then watched some Christmas shows while Ed diligently put together G's present from Santa- a little kitchen. (Yes, I bought my son a kitchen. He loves it and has played with it every day since Christmas, thankyouverymuch!) I was so excited for Christmas morning I could hardly sleep. Both Ed and I were up before Greyson. We puttered around the house just waiting for him to wake up.
 Even Lela woke up before G! That never happens! She was pretty excited about the toys Santa left her.
 G FINALLY woke up and came upstairs. He was so excited about all of the presents he didn't even noticed his kitchen. He sat down and started playing with Lela's toys. We had to show him his presents and stocking...and then the fun began!!
 He was kind enough to show Lela his stocking stuffers. He was not kind enough, however, to let her touch them. :) The picture below cracks me up. That smile was for a Mickey Mouse activity book I bought at Michael's for $1. Go figure.
 The true winners of Christmas were G's "talking dinosaurs" he had asked for repeatedly prior to Christmas. He received five of these dinosaurs (they change from dinosaurs to vehicles and make all sort of fun noises) and was beyond excited!
 Both Lela and G received cute hats from Aunt Sarah. Lela agreed to model hers, but G was too busy.
 My two kiddos! I was hoping to a better "in front of the tree" shot, but you take what you can get with a 2 year old and 8 month old!
I tried really hard to not go overboard with presents this year and was proud of myself for sticking to my limits. The kids are beyond spoiled with presents from 3 sets of grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends so I knew they would have plenty of Christmas fun. Ed and I don't usually buy Christmas presents for each other, instead opting to buy one bigger item that we choose together. This year we decided to go on a little vacation for our big present but thought it would be fun to do stocking stuffers for each other. I was quite pleased with my purchases for Ed: a reusable sandwich "bento" box for lunch, a new flashlight (we can never seem to find one around here), a few toiletries, his favorite candy and a few other small things. Imagine my surprise when I pulled a pair of diamond earrings out of my stocking! I was a little mad...but mostly thrilled! My hubby knows how to spoil me!
We really had so much fun and loved being home with our babies to enjoy Christmas. Now, I just need to clean out the playroom and make room for all of the new toys!

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