Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Itchin' for DIY

It's been three months since we moved to SLC and three months of living in a rental house. I never thought I would say this but...I'm itching for a little DIY. There are a million things I would love to do to this house: paint and curtains to add color, change the layout of the laundry room, add new tile to the bathrooms, change out the light fixtures, etc. After owning a home for the past 10 years it's been hard to not be able to make those little tweaks. And since we don't plan on being here very long I don't even want invest in some rental-friendly changes. I have added a few pictures here and there, but other than that it's pretty plain Jane around here.
To feed my need for a little DIY I am trying to talk Ed into making this table found on http://ana-white.com (if you haven't checked this website you really should, she has plans from super simple to more advanced and covers everything from a simple shelf to built in bunk beds).
I want a bigger table (we just have a 4-seater right now) but have a hard time justifying the cost of a new table since my children are still so little and are so hard on all of our furniture. The supplies for this table would cost less than $100 and we have the tools and know-how to do it. I just have to convince my husband to help me do it!
In the meantime, I have been satisfying me DIY craving by making this calendar:
Each week is a different laminated strip backed by magnets. When one week is over I just erase what's on there, write in the info for the next week, slide all the other strips up and put it on my magnet board. I like having 6 weeks in a row visible at a time and using different colors to help keep track of everyone's activities. I still use my phone (Ed and I have a shared gmail calendar for all of our family and work events/activities) but I love having all of our schedules out where I can see them. For privacy reasons I covered up all of our events, but just imagine a calendar shockingly full of a million things. I printed the calendar at Costco as an 18x24 then cut up the strips and had them laminated at FedEx Kinko's. The magnet board was purchased at Quilted Bear. I think the whole project cost me around $30. Anything to help me feel more organized!
Next up? Making Lela a trick-or-treat bag, similar to the one I made for G here
Look at those cute rounded corners I used to do to all of my pictures. Oh, the free time I had with only one child. :) I am also going to put my sewing machine to even more use and make some new pillows for my living room couch for a little sprucing up. If I can't add color to my walls I will add it somewhere!! Maybe something along these lines? I have been scouting the fabric stores and fabric.com for deals on some of my favorite designs. All of these beauties are from fabric.com and were NOT on sale (so sad). I keep thinking I should venture away from my tried and true colors of blue and green. But, they are my favorite colors to wear and decorate in, so why mess with a good thing?

Premier Prints Gotcha Twill BluePremier Prints Ikat Craze Birch FrostP Kaufmann Arabella Lagoon

I am anxious to get settled in a new house, but since we are hoping to not move again we want to take our time and make sure we find what we want. I had dreams of buying a glorious brand new house, but buying another fixer upper seems to just fit better with what we need and want. In the meantime, I'll keep pinning future house ideas on Pinterest and make do with a crafty project here and there.

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