Thursday, October 24, 2013


While my sister was in town we planned a trip to Lagoon for the "big" cousins, Greyson, Miles and Gabe. I wasn't sure how Greyson would enjoy the theme park, since he is definitely not a thrill-seeker, and I was exactly on point because he was initially afraid of all the rides.  By the end of the day, however, there were a few rides he liked.  The teacups were fun - just don't spin too fast (which is good because it makes me really sick)!
 G and Gabe wanted to ride the whale ride together. It was fun for about 2 seconds and then they were feeling a little cramped!

He didst like the helicopters the first time, but once he figured out he could control when they went up and down he was on board.

He liked the planes for the same reason.

Big smiles after a few rides and drinking a gallon of root beer (his first time giving it a try - yes, I am "that" mom that doesn't let her kids drink soda).

The crew on the train (minus me, the photographer).

 Me and my G-man on the train. Sarah and I had a nice laugh when we both showed up in tennis shoes and comfy clothes. I was even sporting my visor and sporty purse full of sunblock and hand sanitizer. Nothing screams "mom" like a visor at an amusement park.

We took Gabe back home since we were heading to SLC. We hadn't even left the parking lot before they looked like this:

These boys had a blast! And so did mom, Aunt Sarah and Nana!


  1. We did season passes this year and Seth was the exact opposite of G. He rode every ride he was tall enough for. One of his favorite rides is bombora. I also think I scream mom at Lagoon as well.

  2. Oh cousin days at Lagoon! I remember those days! That is so great that you guys are close enough to do that together.