Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wyoming Craziness

I know my last post was about G starting preschool in August, but let's jump ahead a few months, shall we? My sister and her family recently moved back to the great state of Wyoming...yeah! Instead of having to fly to go see them they are now just a 5-6 hour drive away! So, a few weeks ago that's what we did. My mom and dad were driving out so I took G and Lela along for the trip. It happened to be  two of my nephew's birthdays so my sister put together an adorable pirate-themed party for all the cousins. Just look at this cuteness:

The kids had a blast and everyone had a great time. A few short hours later, however, I was in the ER with this:

 Greyson and my nephew, Miles, were in my sister's basement watching a movie and eating popcorn. I went upstairs to chat with my family and just a few minutes later I could hear G crying and Miles came up to tell me that Greyson had fallen and hit his head. Greyson had tripped and fallen on to a wood-burning stove and split his eyebrow right open. The cut was over 2 inches and so deep you could see his skull. I gave myself an A+ for handling the situation, especially since Ed wasn't there with me. Luckily, with Dr. Romer (my brother in law) and Dr. Atkinson (my dad) around we were in good hands. We were a little worried that G might have a concussion and I was trying to push thoughts of a subdural hematoma out of my mind (that's what happens when you work on a neuro rehab unit). He was a little lethargic at first but as soon as the doctors numbed his cut and he was offered an iphone to play with  he perked right up.
This little three year old boy was so BRAVE during the whole thing. He didn't move a muscle while the stitched him up. They even brought in a couple big EMTs to hold him down if needed, but they ended up just standing there and watching. The best part for Greyson was getting to go in to the doctor's lounge with his Uncle Mike (we were at the hospital my brother in law works at) and getting to pick out a treat. He picked out a chocolate milk and was ready to go home. In fact, when he told his preschool teacher about what happened he left out the part about the stitches and just said that he fell but his Uncle Mike got him some chocolate milk. :) The pictures below are after his five stitches were in:

 This is a couple of days later:
 And this is after the stitches came out (which was honestly worse for G than when they put them in):

I was so proud of my little man and glad that we both survived his first trip to the ER. Let's hope it doesn't happen again!

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  1. sounds like a fun event. Honestly I think with little boys it is a miracle if they last this long without the ER trip.